The Digitex Affiliate Program

Thank you for joining us on our quest to revolutionize futures trading!

About Digitex Futures

Digitex is launching the world’s first zero commission futures trading platform, powered by the DGTX token.

The aim of the Digitex Affiliate Program is to drive sales of the DGTX token from the Digitex Treasury.

By becoming one of our affiliate partners, you’ll be able to earn generous commissions from every single sale you refer!

What is the Digitex Futures exchange?

Digitex Futures is a revolutionary new zero-commission, peer-to-peer, high leverage cryptocurrency futures trading platform.

All trades and account balances on the Digitex exchange are denominated in DGTX tokens.

That means that traders must own DGTX to enjoy zero-fee trading.

The Importance of Zero-Fee Trading

Demand for DGTX tokens from traders who must own them to participate in highly liquid, commission-free futures markets will drive up the price of DGTX.

Zero trading fees offer an unprecedented potential for profitable short-term trading, such as scalping.

Scalping is currently impossible under the maker and taker fee model of trading platforms like BitMEX and OKEx.

But how does Digitex sustain zero fees? We generate revenue to cover operational costs by selling DGTX tokens from the Digitex Treasury.

What is the Digitex Treasury?

The Digitex Treasury is our long-term, sustainable funding mechanism.

It is a smart contract that holds 100 million DGTX tokens and releases 10 million tokens every 3 months starting 1st March 2019.

These DGTX tokens are sold to the public* in an ongoing token sale over two and a half years.

*US persons excluded for compliance reasons. Buyers must complete KYC.

Why Buy from the Digitex Treasury?

  • Instant, trustless transaction
  • No need to create an account on a cryptocurrency exchange and trust it with your money
  • No commissions to pay
  • No price slippage
  • Simply send ETH to the token sale smart contract and it automatically and instantly sends back the equivalent value of DGTX

Roadmap to Launch

Q3 2019
Closed testing & Development
Q4 2019
Testnet launched to 10,000 traders using DGTX play money
Early 2020
Mainnet launches to the full waitlist of traders who will be trading with the DGTX exchange token
TBD 2020
Digitex spot markets launch

Affiliate Program Rules and Commission Structure

Upon signing up, you received a unique referral link. When someone clicks through to the Digitex Treasury from that link and buys tokens, you’ll be eligible for commission on the sale.

Commission rates are as follows:

  • Tier 1: You will receive 15% of every sale from buyers that you referred
  • You will receive 5% of every sale from buyers that were referred by someone that you referred

All commission payments will be made daily in ETH and credited to the Ethereum wallet address you provided in your Digitex affiliate partner account.

Still got questions?

If you still have questions about how the Digitex Affiliate Program works, feel free to ask in our Telegram Group!

Our lively chat is monitored by a Digitex representative 24/7. We’ll be pleased to help with any doubts you may have about the program, or about Digitex in general.

What are you waiting for?

Tell your friends all about the Digitex revolution! Start referring, and start earning!